© 2013 Mark Hansen © 2013 Mark Hansen MP3 Album Play Samples  Music to Relax Reflect & Meditate Music has been proven to be much more effective at relaxing people than most other means. The music on the NEW Albums by Mark Andrew Hansen is there to relax, inspire and uplift you to a better place. They can be used for:

Spa, Yoga, Meditation, Studying, Working, Massage, Accupunture, Healing Therapies, Personal Reflection "Fantastic, Never tire of hearing this work. Over the years we have given this CD from time to time to friends, everybody absolutely loves it." 
- Alasdair Reed (Chinese Herbalist)

Just listening to Birdsong Improvisations. Great way to start the day!!
- Sam McDonald

So so beautiful Mark..and yes, some of our birds are wonderful warblers :) where we live we have hundreds of birds around the property..the Maggies sit on our deck and make the most beautiful music..nothing like it..well done..very beautiful piece of music :)
- Jenny Dwyer

Your Birdsong is really beautiful!
- Cheri Lee

Wonderful and inspirational music!
- Marie-Anne Fischer

“Successful improvisational recordings are a delight and stand apart from heavily engineered music in its spontaneity and humanness. Mark ingeniously uses an initial bird call to set the ambience and tone for his song, then proceeds to produce some of the most exquisite and arresting piano work I have heard in a long time.
- Ambience Magazine CD MP3 Album CD