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Free Samples of Pocket Guitar Scale/Chord Finder Basic Version of Pocket Scale Finder This handy scale/chord finder has a new sliding compact design makes finding scales and chords very fast and easy. I have put together a learning premium package so you can play guitar scales & chords quickly and affordably. 

In this new Scale & Chord Finder for Guitar, both Major and Minor Pentatonic Blues scales are covered. All notes in the scale are colour coded and numbered which lets you see patterns much more clearly than traditional scale charts. The explanation key on the right of the Scale Finder tells you which notes you can bend for extra effects. There are two scale patterns highlighted in blue and red. They are the building blocks of all the scales. Learn only these two patterns and you can play like a professional. How does the Chord Finder Work?
Chords are displayed in the standard position as well as all bar chord versions. All the main chord types are covered: Major, Minor, 7th, Minor 7th, Major 7th, sus4, 6th, 9th, 2nd. The design shows all the Major chords and then what fingers you have to move to construct other chords from those basic shapes. This way of learning is much quicker than conventional teaching, so you’ll find it easier to remember all the chords too ! © 2016 Mark Hansen The Easy Way to learn the Ukulele Scales & Chords HOME CONTACT
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